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What are voile curtains?

Usually made from polyester or a blend of cotton and linen/polyester for easy care, this type of curtain is light penetrable and translucent. The soft sheer material is useful for privacy and as a way to make a window more decorative, without sacrificing too much light in the process.

They are also great for ensuring your carpets and furniture are protected from direct sunlight, which otherwise causes colours to change and fade over time.

How to hang voile and curtains together

The easiest way to achieve this is to buy and install a double curtain rail, so that the voile panels can hang from the back rail (closest to the window) and your more opaque curtains hang at the front. A less elegant solution to hang both voile and curtains is to install two sets of single curtain rods. In stead of using fixed brackets you can simply hang the rails from hooks at slightly different heights to achieve the same result.