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How to hang eyelet curtains

With eyelet curtains there is no need to attach separate hooks as the rings (or grommets) come already attached to the material. This type of curtain is not compatible with a track, but rather a curtain rail in the ‘pole’ style. Simply detach the stopper from the end of the rod and slide the curtains on directly.

How to measure for eyelet curtains

The process is not too dissimilar to measuring for other styles of curtain such as pencil pleat. Remember that the curtains will start just above where your curtain rail hangs. It’s wise to allow for up to 1-2 inches and consider the total curtain drop from there.

What are grommet drapes?

Grommet drapes are simply what Americans call eyelet curtains. A grommet is a metal or plastic ring, which in this case is used instead of separate curtain hooks.