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What are black out curtains?

Lined with thick opaque material, they’re great for shift workers who need to sleep during the day, along with kids who simply don’t understand why it’s still light in summer when bed time rolls around. Are you a light sleeper, or someone who likes a sleep in on a weekend? They’re perfect for you too. Whatever your reason, increasing the level of darkness within your bedroom is scientifically proven to increase your quality of sleep, leaving you feeling much more refreshed for the day ahead.

Eyelet or pencil pleat blackout curtains?

It really depends on which style suits the décor of your room the best. Pencil pleating gives a very traditional look, with the curtains hanging from the rail via hooks. Eyelet blackout curtains give a more contemporary appearance, with the curtain itself directly hanging from the rail. This gives a more consistent concertina or corrugated look. Once you’re happy with your style, you’ve got lots of colours to choose from, ranging from cream, blue, red and silver, to beige, dark grey and more.

Can you wash blackout curtains?

They can be spot cleaned using a mild detergent, or handwashed within a bathtub. It is not recommended that you machine wash this type of curtain, as the movement of the washing machine drum can cause the layers within the fabric to become misaligned.

What are blackout thermal curtains?

These are specially designed to retain heat, but to still block light and maintain privacy. They are particularly useful during winter, as windows are the primary source of heat loss. They help keep your home more energy efficient and can help reduce your heating bill.