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Measuring For Curtains

Measuring For Curtains

At all of our readymade curtains are sold in pairs unless stated.

Readymade curtains are made from rolls of cloth and we cannot gurantee 2 or more pairs will pattern match, this is more predominent on check & vertical stripe design curtains

The size of the curtain refers to each individual curtain.

For example a 46"x54" will contain two curtains both 46" width x 54" drop.

Measuring the width of your window

When measuring the width, you should measure the width of your curtain track or pole, not the window width; this will ensure a full fitting of your curtains.

If you are yet to buy your track or pole, please allow 6" (15cm) above your window and allow 5- 6" (15cm) either side of your window. This will allow your curtains to be drawn back from your window and will allow more light into your room.

To give you a luxurious fitting, we recommend that the combined width of your curtains should be as close to double the size of your window as possible.

Fit track/pole Up to 122cm (48") 122 - 168cm (48" - 66") 168 - 228cm (66" - 90") 228 cm - 345 cm (90" - 136")
Curtain Size 117cm (46") 168cm (66") 228cm (90") 335cm (132")

Measuring the length of your curtains

First, decide where you would like the length of your curtains to finish.

  • To the window sill... We suggest that sill length curtains finish 1/2"(1.5cm) above the window sill.
  • Below the sill... If you want your curtains below your sill, we recommend they finish 6"(15cm) below.
  • To the floor We suggest that your curtains finish. 1/2" (1.5cm) above the floor.
  • Please Note when measuring curtains to hang from poles... For pencil pleat curtains, measure from the eye at the bottom of the curtain ring. For tab top curtains measure from the top of the pole. For eyelet curtains, please allow 1 1/2" extra on your drop as the curtains start above the pole.

When hanging your curtains from a Curtain Track... The same rule applies as above but measure from where the curtain gliders attach to the track.

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