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Choosing Colours

Choosing Colours

Curtains, Bedding and Colour Therapy
The colour schemes of curtains, bedding and walls in our bedrooms can have a huge impact on our moods.

When it comes to choosing curtains, bedding, binds, cushions, rugs, wall paint or wallpaper, you need to consider the colour scheme you want to achieve. The colours of your curtains, bedding and cushions should work together to create not just an aesthetic effect but to generate the right mood you want for your bedroom.
Curtains, Bedding and the Psychology of Colour
Colour has always played an important part in how we feel about rooms and ourselves. Consider the clothes you are attracted to buying and wearing - no doubt a colour will be dominant, expressing much about your personality - whether you're extroverted, introverted, optimistic, miserable or successful. Curtains, bedding and other bedroom accessories may seem simply functional but choosing the right colour scheme can help inspire and influence moods.
Curtains, Bedding and Bedroom Accessories
When it comes to choosing the colours of your curtains, bedding, cushions and rugs consider the following colour guide:
•    RED: If you want your bedroom to have a boudoir effect, you might be tempted to go for red curtains, bedding and cushions. Be careful, red is a strong colour that can, if it's used too much, trigger irritability and impatience. It's an angry colour, but used in the right shade and quantity, it can inspire vitality and sexuality.
•    PINK: Pink may not be a popular colour for the boys, but pink curtains, bedding and accessories can create a warm, soothing feel in a bedroom. Pink is said to be a protective, loving and gentle colour. It can be a calming colour to introduce to your bedding or cushions.
•    YELLOW: Light yellow is a bright, uplifting sunny colour and is thought to aid clear thinking and organisational skills. It's thought to help a sense of optimism - perfect for bedroom curtains, bedding or accessories, so you wake up to a sunny new day no matter what the weather outside. Similarly a light orange is associated with uplifting thoughts and a sense of renewal. Apricot colours and soft peach are calming and soothing - again good colours for a bedroom where we go to relax and renew for the next day.
Many people are tempted to opt for neutrals in the curtains, bedding and rugs, turning to strong colours for cushions or accessories. But don't be afraid of investing in colourful curtains or bedding.
•    GREEN: Green is soothing, the colour of empathy - it's perfect for combating stress, although avoid heavy dark greens which can be sombre and negative and sickly lime greens which are linked to ugly emotions such as resentment and jealousy.
So next time you shop for curtains, bedding or bedroom accessories spare a thought to how you feel about colours and the kind of moods you want in your room.
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